A New Year, A New Blog

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, Loresayer.com. This blog is born as we are all entering a promising new year, 2012, our eyes looking forward full of hopes and dreams.

Christening a New Blog

Sometime ago I was challenged by the WordPress installation prompt to give a name to associate with my blog, and I was profoundly at a loss.  People will have the names of their children picked out well in advance, but when you put them on-the-spot to name the virtual spigot of their mind they suddenly go mute.  I’ve had ideas for blogs in the past, for instance when I worked at Infragistics I had called my blog, “Changing the world, one pattern at a time.”  Nonetheless, I was at a momentary loss of words when it came to defining what I wanted this blog to say about me. Continue reading