About Me

Welcome to Loresayer.coma blog created by Derek Harmon that endeavors to look at the science and technology just over the horizon.

About Loresayer

My name is Derek Harmon, and since the mid-1990s I’ve been known as the “Loresayer” because I have a knack for telling things like they are–or will be.  I was born, raised and educated near Princeton, NJ, in the United States.  My spectrum of interests today include nanotechnology, material science, mathematics, cheminformatics, macroeconomics and of course, Philadelphia sports teams.

On Science and Technology

Living is about never-ending learning and growth. This blog gives me an outlet to share what I have learned with the rest of the Internet. My intended audience here, on loresayer.com, is primarily STEM graduate and undergraduate students interested in fields in which the new developments and breakthroughs never cease coming, plus my friends and colleagues with local interests.  On this blog I present my personal opinions, interests, and research into what I’ve read and learned lately.

On the Software Development Side

As a professional software developer focused on the Microsoft .NET technology stack for much of the past ten years, I’ve worked across numerous verticals including the insurance, annuity, and retail verticals. I’ve also been involved in the marketing and launch of commercial software development tools and components. I cover material relevant to a developer audience in my sister blog, loresayer.net.

Contacting me

If you wish to contact me about consulting or employment, please e-mail me at loresayer@msn.com from your work domain with a clear subject line that will stand out from the usual spam.


I believe the soul does make its own horizons. More than a line spoken by the Count of Monte Cristo,  in the book of the same name penned by Alexandre Dumas, it represents the optimism (or pessimism) of one’s perspective. In confronting what challenges unfold before us in the twenty-first century, it lies in all of our hands whether we falter and fail, or rise to the occasion and grow.